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Our Logo

Our logo reflects our Past, our Faith, and our Future.

The Triangle. The triangle is a nod to the beginning of our careers at Waddell & Reed, which incorporates the shape of a triangle within its logo. In regards to our faith, the triangle in our logo also represents the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Stripes. Within the boundary of the triangle are three stripes. These stripes represent the wounds inflicted upon our Savior. Each stripe also represents the co-dependent relationship of the advisor and the client, led by the counsel of our Lord, in pursuit of your financial goals.

The Cloud. Clouds used in Scripture represent various attributes of God such as His presence, protection, direction, evidence of His works, and redemption. A cumulus cloud, which helped inspire our company’s name, envelopes the triangle. Our cloud appears to move to the right, representing progression in our faith, stewardship, goals, and objectives.

The three elements used in our logo help communicate how our company began, what we believe, and where we hope to go. As we look towards our future, we are trusting in the hope of things to come. Our logo represents this hope.

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