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Special Needs Planning: Age 22 & Beyond

When the services provided by the public school end, people with special needs must have a plan to support them now and in the future.

The services provided by the public school will not last forever. Hopefully a transition plan has already been put into place and is being implemented. These plans may include the provision of housing, transportation, healthcare, employment, ongoing education, and/or additional support staff.

Our team can help our clients and their children identify local support agencies based on their unique needs. Your financial plan should account for the potential impact these supports may have on your financial goals. Your financial status, estate plans, and insurance coverages should be regularly reviewed and updated as needed. You may want to consider including other family members and friends in your plans. We can assist in analyzing these financial impacts and help you communicate your plans with others. As your needs and situation continue to change, your financial plan and the strategies we use can change too.

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