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Special Needs Planning: Birth

Your journey as the parent/guardian of a person with special needs will have unique challenges. You do not have to navigate this complex landscape ahead alone.

Congratulations! Being the parent/guardian of a new baby is exciting. Your child and situation are unique. Everyone responds to the new responsibility of being the caretaker of a newborn with special needs differently. Whether you are thinking about the immediate needs or the long-term needs of the future, we are here to help.

We can help direct you to Early Intervention services to which your child may be eligible. These services are usually available until your child reaches the age of three. During this time, we can also work on connecting you to support groups and agencies that can provide more information and services based on your child’s disability. We can collaborate with you to make a financial plan for not only yourself, but also for your children. We can also assist you in communicating your plans with other family members or interested parties who may be involved in your child’s life.

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Age 3

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