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Special Needs Planning: Age 18

Upon reaching adulthood, a person with special needs may now be eligible to receive Federal Government Benefits.

Now that your child is 18, government benefits may be available directly to your child. Prior to age 18, a child’s eligibility for government benefits may be based upon a parent’s financial status. While this may disqualify a child for certain benefits prior to age 18, careful planning may assist a child in qualifying for benefits at adulthood. Additionally, the local public school can continue to provide support and services until your child turns 22.

We can help direct a caretaker to a government agency (or agencies) through which your child can receive additional services and/or resources. We are available to review services and supports provided by the local, public school and make ourselves available to collaborate with you and the school’s support team. Your financial plan should prepare for the termination of supports and services available through the public school.

We can assist in the analysis of how the loss of these services may impact your financial situation and, if needed, create strategies on how to pay for these services as part of your financial plan.

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