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Office Mascot

Poppy joined our team in 2019.  She is a black-colored, hypoallergenic Goldendoodle that does not shed.  Her name comes from the black seeds of the Poppy flower.  She has the personality of a Golden Retriever and the intelligence of a Poodle.  While her brightness and curiosity are usually appreciated, they can also lead her down a path of mischief and misbehavior.  

She works tirelessly keeping watch out of the windows for trespassing squirrels, birds, mail carriers, and fellow canines.  When not keeping watch, she can usually be found napping near Jamie’s feet.  She also loves to nap on furniture she is not supposed to get on, like Jamie’s favorite living room chair. 

Poppy loves to welcome clients to the office and enjoys being petted by our guests.  Never wanting to be left out of a conversation, you can sometimes hear her telling you “hello” during our phone calls.